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October - December Walks  2018

Members will be required to show their membership cards prior to

boarding the bus for a walk.

3rd October 2018 (Wednesday) - Buskett Winery
Circular Walk  :  No Transport Provided
Meeting Point : Close to bus stop BUSKETT near Buskett Winery
Meeting Time :  2.15pm
Walk Starts     :  2.30pm
Bus(es)            :  52 and 56 from Valletta   181 from Mater Dei Hospital

To reach the starting point of this walk go through Rabat, take the road towards Buskett, pass Verdala Palace and park at the cross roads at the bottom of the hill. The Buskett Winery was located on the right of the cross roads - close to the Buskett Forrest restaurant.
From the Winery we walk through Clapham Junction, where we have the biggest concentration of cart ruts on the island and visit the ancient cave dwellings at Ghar Il-Kbir. We walk part way towards Laferla Cross, then cut across the garigue to Dingli Cliffs, pass between two quarries and through the fields to get back to our transport.

13th October 2018 (Saturday) Gozo Annual Walk- G09 - Mgarr - Nadur - Nuffara Hill – Ghajnsielem
Circular Walk  :  No Transport Provided
Meeting Point : Mgarr Gozo Ferry Terminal
Meeting Time  : 10.15am
Walk Starts      : 10.30am
Bus(es)             :  Nil

We start from the Gozo Ferry Terminal and go up a narrow path to the village of Ghajnsielem.  We will walk through the periphery streets of the village until we reach the Qala–Xewkija road, then we change to country lanes.  We go up to Nadur at It-Tomba, taking us to the Kenuna Tower.  We then walk through Nadur streets, until the tip of Tad-Duru area and down a steep way to the valley into Wied il-Hanaq.
After a short break we circumvent the hill known as In–Nuffara (the scarecrow).  From ta’ Xhajma side we walk to the foot of the hill.  Since the hill is steep, we will give the option to all participants not to climb the hill and wait for us in the shade under the trees.  The hill has a flat top and was once a Bronze Age settlement.  We will see some of the remaining 5000 year old silos.  From up there one can see practically all Gozo under oneself.

After descending the hill, we will proceed to Ta’ Bordin area, between Xaghra and Xewkija, until we reach Ghajnsielem and back to the Ferry.    Time: 4.30 hours      Rating: Medium walk

27th October 2018 (Saturday) - C33 - Bingemma Gap - Strickland Winery Area
Circular Walk  : No Transport Provided
Meeting Point : Our Lady of Itria Chapel in Bingemma Gap.
Meeting Time : 2.15pm
Walk Starts    :  2.30pm.
Bus(es)          : 109 from bus stop RABAT 4 near the big car park close to Domus Romana, Rabat.  Stop on bus stop Santi and walk to Our Lady of Itria Chapel in Bingemma Gap.

We park our cars near the Chapel of Our Lady of Itria at Bingemma Gap. While waiting we can enjoy the lovely panoramic view and the Victoria Lines which are at their most majestic here.
We start the walk by walking downhill towards Mgarr but at the bottom of the hill, just before we reach the village of Bingemma, we turn right and walk up a gradual incline with lovely panoramic views of our left and the Victoria Lines on our right.  When we arrive near the ex-Strickland winery we turn left and walk in a south-westerly direction for a long way with fertile fields always in our view as we look towards Zebbiegh and Mgarr.  Another left turn and we walk up another gradual incline all the way up to Bingemma chapel and our cars.

Liability Disclaimer

The Society and its walk leaders and administrators, do not accept any liability for any loss or damage to property and/or death or bodily injury or illness sustained in the course of the organized walks/activities.  A walk or an event may be changed at the discretion of the Society at any time.

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