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Walks FEBRUARY to MAY 2018

Members will be required to show their membership cards prior to

boarding the bus for a walk.


Saturday,24th March 2018 Zebbiegh - L-Iskurvit Area
Circular Walk   No Transport Provided
Meeting Point   A little further up from bus stop SAQWI.
Meeting Time   2.15pm.
Walk Starts    :2.30pm
Bus(es)        : 44 from Valletta goes to Mgarr. 238 from Mater Dei Hospital goes to Mgarr.  Stop on Bus stop SAQWI.

We park our cars at Zebbiegh close to the “Y” junction of the Mgarr and Ghajn Tuffieha Roads.
From the Y junction we walk in the direction of Mgarr for about 300 meters and turn left just before the bus stop, down a narrow  surfaced road. At the next junction we turn right and walk for quite some way with the Victoria Lines high up on our left and views of Mgarr and fertile fields on the right. We continue our walk through the village of Mgarr on the way back to our cars.  

Wednesday, 4th April 2018  - Mgiebah Valley And Selmun
Circular Walk   No Transport Provided
Meeting Point   In front of Belleview Bistro - Mellieha.
Meeting Time 2.15pm
Walk Starts     :2.30pm
Bus(es)         : 41,42,49 from Valletta. 222 from Sliema. 250 from Mater Dei Hospital. Stop on bus stop IL-MELLIEHA in front of Belleview Bistro.

We park our cars in front of the ex-BelleView Restaurant Mellieha.
We start the walk along Triq il-Kortin directly across the road from our parked cars. At the end of this road we take a path to the right which takes us to the top of low cliffs running along one side of the Mgiebah Valley. We backtrack and follow a rather difficult track up to the other side of the valley where we walk to Ghajn Hadid watchtower which is unfortunately in a dilapidated state.  We soon join a surfaced road which takes us past Selmun Palace on the way back to our cars

Saturday, 14th April 2018  Wied Il-Kbir - Wied Hanzir - Peridot Hall
    Transport provided
      Meeting Point   Independence Monument in Floriana
      Meeting Time   1.30pm.
      Coach Leaves :2.00pm sharp.

The coaches drop us off on the Qormi to Hal-Farrug Road, near the end of the Malta International Airport runway.We leave the surfaced road and follow a track that takes us down into Wied Il-Kbir. Turning left (southwards) we follow the valley floor for some time until we reach an open area where Wied Il-Kbir, Wied Hanzir and Wied Qirda converge.. We follow a track that goes up into Wied Hanzir and we follow the valley floor over countless small boulders until we come to an area where the rocks are smooth enough to sit and have our break. Eventually we go downhill towards Wied Qirda where we pass under the Qormi-Siggiewi road and find our transport near the ex-Peridot hall.

Saturday,28th April 2018  Kuncizzjoni - Fomm Ir-Rih - Ras Il-Pellegrin
      Circular Walk   No Transport Provided
      Meeting Point  Near Kuncizzjoni Church
      Meeting Time  2.15pm.
      Walk Starts     2.30pm.
      Bus(es)          :109 from bus stop RABAT 4 near the big car park close to Domus Romana, Rabat.

We park our cars near the Kuncizzjoni church.
We walk away from the church towards the Sylvia King memorial where we turn left along the Victoria Lines. We climb down some steps and continue down a fairly steep clay slope towards Fomm Ir-Rih. We cut across to the northern side of Ras Il-Pellegrin . From here we continue in an anti-clockwise direction on rough garrigue following the cliff edge at a safe distance all round the plateau. We retrace our steps past the reservoirs, up the clay slope to the Victoria Lines and back to our cars near the church.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018  Bingemma Gap - Strickland Winery Area
Circular Walk   No Transport Provided
 Meeting Point   Our Lady of Itria Chapel in Bingemma Gap.
 Meeting Time    2.15pm
  Walk Starts      2.30pm.
  Bus(es)          109 from bus stop RABAT 4 near the big car park close to Domus Romana, Rabat.  Stop on bus stop SANTI and walk to Our Lady of Itria Chapel in Bingemma Gap.

We park our cars near the chapel at Bingemma Gap. We start the walk by walking downhill towards Mgarr but at the bottom of the hill, just before we reach the village of Bingemma, we turn right and walk up a gradual incline with lovely panoramic views of our left and the Victoria Lines on our right. When we arrive near the ex-Strickland winery we turn left and walk in a south-westerly direction for a long way up to Bingemma chapel near our parked cars.  

Liability Disclaimer

The Society and its walk leaders and administrators, do not accept any liability for any loss or damage to property and/or death or bodily injury or illness sustained in the course of the organized walks/activities.  A walk or an event may be changed at the discretion of the Society at any time.

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