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Liability Disclaimer for all Walks and Events
I and my guests agree to hold harmless the Society and its leaders and administrators, from any iability for any loss or damage to property and/or death or bodily injury or illness sustained in the course of the organised walks/activities.  A walk or an event may be changed at the discretion of the Society at any time.

December -JANUARY 2020 Walks

Members will be required to show their membership card

prior to boarding the bus for a walk

14th December 2019 (Saturday) -  Mellieha Bay Hotel - Ramla Bay
o Transport provided
o Meeting Point : Independence Monument in Floriana
o Meeting Time : 1.30pm
o Coach Leaves : 2.00pm sharp

The coach drops us close to the Mellieha Bay Hotel. We pass through the entrance of the hotel and soon take a path to the left and immediately right up a surfaced ramp into the trees. At the “Y” junction of two paths bear right which brings us down to a small parking area. Pass through the hotel barrier and at the bottom of the road turn left. Continue along the path to the small pretty bay of Tal-Imgharrqa which we skirt round, but we follow a narrow path just below the road which meanders along the cliff, through trees, until we reach the small chapel of Tal-Madonna. When we reach the Ramla tat-Torri we leave the road and walk across two sandy beaches. At the end of the second beach turn left and up between the boathouses to Armier Bay and Ramla Bay where our transport awaits us.

28th December 2019 (Saturday)  - Bidnija - San Martin - Zebbiegh Area
o Circular Walk : No Transport Provided
o Meeting Point : Close to Bidnija Church.
o Meeting Time : 2.15pm
o Walk Starts : 2.30pm
o Buses: : 103 only from Mosta, goes to Bidnija

We park our cars close to Bidnija Church.
We walk away from the church towards the Bidnija shooting range and soon pass a fireworks factory. After crossing the Zebbiegh to Wardija road we walk round the ‘walled’ San Martin estate and onwards to the underground chapel. After a short break we walk to the church of Zebbiegh and the ‘duck sanctuary’. Here we turn northwards and on our way back to our cars we pass cart ruts and a field wall made of abnormally large rectangular stones (possibly Roman).

2nd January 2020 (Thursday) –  Inspire - Marsascala
o Circular Walk  :  No Transport Provided
o Meeting Point : We park our cars opposite the Inspire (ex. Razzett tal-Hbiberija).
o Meeting Time :  2.15pm
o Walk Starts     :  2.30pm
o Bus(es)            :  92, 93 from Valletta  124 from Cospicua  204 from Mater Dei.

We park our cars opposite the Inspire Complex (ex. Razzett tal-Hbiberija).
We walk behind the Inspire building and meander on a complicated route amongst fields in the direction of the Chapel of Tas-Silg in Marsaxlokk.  We proceed to the road going from Delimara towards St Thomas Bay with nice sea views on our right.  We walk past the small Chapel of St. Paul overlooking Island Bay and Xrobb l-Ghagin Nature Park (ex. Deutshe Welle radio station).
Down the rough track to the beach and onwards to the Marsascala sea front where we turn left onto the by-pass and back to Inspire.

11th January 2020 (Saturday) –  Il-Maqluba to Hagar Qim
o Transport provided
o Meeting Point  : Independence Monument in Floriana
o Meeting Time  : 1.30pm
o Coach Leaves   : 2.00pm sharp

The coach will drop us off outside St. Matthew’s Church and Il-Maqluba on the outskirts of Qrendi. We take the road to the right of the Chapel and walk slightly uphill where we can soon admire the view towards Wied iz-Zurrieq.  After passing the Lourdes Fireworks factory we turn left where we see Filfla directly ahead.  On our right we can see the remnants of the only double-faced sundial on the Maltese Islands.  After crossing the Siggiewi to Wied-Iz-Zurrieq road, we follow a wide track which runs parallel to Wied Hoxt.  After a while we turn south, go over the shallow hill and soon turn towards the west where we can enjoy lovely views towards Filfla.  Of particular interest is the beautiful arch in the sea near the (recently callapsed) Niffied cave.  We continue towards the Knights' tower where we have our break while enjoying uninterrupted views towards Filfla.  Soon after resuming our walk we pass the Congreve memorial which was erected to the memory of Sir Walter Norris Congreve, Governor of Malta, who was buried at sea between here and Filfla.  Skirting round the south side of the Mnajda Temples we make our way up to the Misqa Tanks – these are old water reservoirs dug by the temple people.  We walk up the causeway and around the perimeter of Hagar Qim to find our transport waiting in the car park

25th January 2020 (Saturday) -  Delimara
o Circular Walk   :  No Transport Provided
o Meeting Point : Car park, close to Hunters Tower Restaurant - Marsaxlokk, near the playing field.
o Meeting Time :  2.15pm
o Walk Starts     :  2.30pm
o Buses               :  81 from Valletta,  119 from Airport,  206 from Mater Dei.
Stop on Bus Stop MARSAXLOKK – near Marsaxlokk Parish Church.

We park in the car park, close to Hunters Tower Restaurant – Marsaxlokk, near the playing field.
We walk away from the village, up a narrow track to the top of the hill, where we turn right onto the Delimara road.  We pass the fort, (dated 1881) and the lighthouse and follow the low cliffs to the foreshore towards Delimara Point.  Turning north, we follow the east coast of the peninsula passing salt pans and many bays until we reach “Il-Hofra z-Zghira”.  We leave the coast and climb to the top of the ridge, where we turn left along the tarmac road that takes us back to where we left our cars.

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