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Liability Disclaimer for all Walks and Events
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Walks 2018

Members will be required to show their membership card prior to boarding the bus for a walk

DATE: Saturday,  26TH May 2018
Meeting Time: 4.45 p.m.
Walks Starts: 5.00p.m.
Mgiebah Valley and Selmun Palace
Buses: 41,42,49 from Valletta. 222 from Sliema, 250 from Mater Dei Hospital

We park our cars near Selmun Palace. Persons using public transport, stop on bus stop
MELLIEHA near Valyou supermarket (ex. BelleView Restaurant) and Triq il-Qortin across
the road.
Now, persons using public transport can choose from either walking towards Selmun Palace (15/20minutes walk) or go to Triq il-Qortin and walk straight along this road for about 10 minutes and stop near a path entrance on the right, with a single sign Triq il-Qortin close to a lamp post and a red rounded mirror just before it and wait for us there.

We leave Selmun Palace at 5.00pm. and go in a path and walk straight towards Triq il-Qortin. At the end of Triq il-Qortin we take a path to the right which takes us to the top of low cliffs running along one side of the Mgiebah Valley. Here we can enjoy lovely views of the countryside and admire three “mgiebah”, which are beehives hewn out of the limestone which give the name to this area. We join a narrow road that winds down into the valley leading to the sandy beach. We backtrack and follow a rather difficult track up to the other side of the valley where we walk to Ghajn Hadid watchtower which is unfortunately in a dilapidated state. From here we can admire views of Mgiebah beach and in the distance the northern part of Malta and Gozo. We soon join a surfaced road which takes us to Selmun Palace again and our transport.

Wednesday, 13TH. June 2018  
Pembroke to Salina Park
Meeting Time:  5.15 p.m.
Walk Starts:     5.30 p.m.
Buses from Valletta: 13 and 14. Buses from Sliema: 110, 212, 222, 225.

We park our cars at Pembroke, at the junction of Triq Sant' Andrija (Regional Road) and Triq Sir Adrian Dingli, close to bus stop KOSTA.
Those persons using Public Transport stop on bus stop KOSTA and cross the road.

This walk has lovely sea views and the sound of breaking waves for most of the way. We walk along Triq Sir Adrian Dingli, passing the commonwealth war graves, Santa Klara school and go through the derelict White Rocks Holiday Complex. Upon reaching the Regional Road we walk downhill towards Bahar Ic-Caghaq and continue along the coast road all the way to the end of the walk at Salina Park. Along the way we pass the Qalet Marku tower, the Maghtab landfill site, Ghallis Tower, the Coastline Hotel and the refurbished Salina salt pans. We pass Kennedy Grove and stop on bus stop KENNEDY where we take a bus back to Pembroke bus stop KOSTA using public transport.



We park our cars at the large Armier parking space and start from bus stop ARMIER.
We go down a track and walk towards Little Armier, around the summer houses and back to Armier Bay. We go up the stairs and head to Ir-Ramla tal-Qortin and soon pass Ramla Bay Hotel and Riviera Hotel.
Now continue on the rocks, pass near Wied Musa Battery and follow a long narrow track parallel to the main road. We go up to the road facing Paradise Bay Hotel and start going back on the pavement and head to the old Marfa breakwater and pass Ramla Bay Hotel again. Now we continue straight on the road for a short while and go through a very narrow path. We emerge in ir-Ramla tal-Qortin again and continue between the beach houses and soon down to our transport.

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