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Liability Disclaimer for all Walks and Events
I and my guests agree to hold harmless the Society and its leaders and administrators, from any iability for any loss or damage to property and/or death or bodily injury or illness sustained in the course of the organised walks/activities.  A walk or an event may be changed at the discretion of the Society at any time.

March to May 2019

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prior to boarding the bus for a walk

Wednesday,  23rd March 2019 ,Marsaxlokk - San Lucjan - Marnisi Area
Circular Walk : No Transport Provided
Meeting Point : Near Marsaxlokk Church, close to bus stop Marsaxlokk.
Meeting Time : 2.15pm
Walk Starts : 2.30pm
Bus(es) : 81, 85 from Valletta 119 from Airport, 210 from Mater Dei Hospital

We meet near Marsaxlokk Parish Church, close to the bus stop named MARSAXLOKK.
We go in Triq Xatt is-Sajjieda and pass the 1715 Knights era Vendome Tower or Redoubt, now the headquarters of Marsaxlokk F.C. We go on the small beach and head for St. Lucian Tower, built by Grand Master Wignacourt between 1610 and 1611. In 1715 a semi circular battery was added and later the British built more fortification walls and gun emplacements between 1872 and 1878. Continue around the fort and observe the caponies in each corner of the ditch. We continue down Triq il-Qajjenza, pass the oil tanks, enter a narrow path and emerge into Triq San Lucjan and go left. At Y junction turn right to see the Knights era Kavallerizza which was their horse riding school. From there we head to Palazzo Marnisi and soon pass the Marsovin Vineyards and emerge in Triq iz-Zejtun. Turn right, pass the niche’ of Christ the Redeemer. This old statue was once part of the Zejtun Good Friday Procession which goes back to 1742 and was later put here, after it was replaced with a new one. Cross the road and continue down and pass-by Wied Hal Ginwi on our left. We go into Triq San Guzepp and ahead behind Marsaxlokk Parish Church. Turn around it and back to our cars.

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019 Mtahleb Basin (East)
Circular Walk : No Transport Provided
Meeting Point : Close to Mtahleb Church and close to the Correctional Facility (SATU)
Meeting Time : 2.15pm
Walk Starts : 2.30pm
Bus(es) : No buses operate in this area. A lift is needed.

We park our cars near the hostel in the vicinity of Mtahleb church and close to the Correctional Facility (SATU).
We start the walk by going past the chapel and soon start the long way down towards the sea enjoying beautiful scenery all the way. We pass the large uncovered water reservoir and continue all the way down to the cliff edge where we turn left (facing Dingli Cliffs). We walk along the cliffs edge all the way around "Il-Qaws" (The Bow or Arch) towards Dawwara Point where we have our break. The caves in the cliffs below us were used in March 1942 by Carmelo Borg Pisani, the Maltese/Italian spy who was later caught and sentenced to death. We continue to Dawwara Point to better view the magnificent cliffs, running east and west. Here we turn inland and soon start the long climb up to the top along country tracks through the peaceful surroundings and sparse dwellings. Eventually we pass through the quite unique Mtahleb village complete with some troglodyte dwellings.

Saturday, 13th April 2019  Zebbiegh -Mgarr
Community Chest Fund Walk
Meeting Time : 2.00 pm
Walk Starts: 2.30 p.m.
Meeting Poiint:  Misrah is=Sebbiehin front of Zebbiegh Church

We park our cars in Misrah is-Sebbieh in front of Zebbiegh Church.

We start by going towards Ta’ Skorba Temples and observe the remains from outside the fence.

We take several narrow paths and tracks on garigue where we see Palazzo Zammitello from a short distance. We cross Triq il-Gnejna and enter Triq is-Santi and take a short break.

We continue and enter more narrow slightly asphalted roads and pass by an old GR marker. We head towards the Hamlet of Bingemma and ahead we cross the main road Triq l-Imgarr.
We return to our cars from Triq l-Imqades.

Duration: 2.15 hours. Rating: easy walk.

Saturday, 27th April 2019  Santa Katarina - Lunzjata Area
Circular Walk : No Transport Provided
Meeting Point : Close to bus stop Barka or the close-by bus stop Haddiem
Meeting Time : 2.15pm
Walk Starts : 2.30pm
Bus(es) : 51, 53 and 56 from Valletta

We start the walk in a southerly direction passing Santa Katarina chapel and down the scenic "S" bend that takes us down into the valley. We soon pass the "waterfall" at Wied Liemu and up the other side of the valley towards Misrah Suffara. At the top we turn right and regroup near Hofret Ir-Rizz where we can observe this natural depression in the landscape. Soon we find ourselves walking along the ridge looking down on Wied Ir-Rum towards the sea. The break is at Ghar Zerrieha where we find a cistern (probably Roman), a number of cart ruts including a pair going over the cliff, a Roman quarry and a little hamlet in the cliffs overlooking the Mtahleb basin. Walking inland we eventually cross Wied Liemu and up onto the Lunzjata ridge where we soon pass the Calmelite Convent with it's truncated chapel and onwards to our cars.

Wednesday, 1st May 2019 Mistra Valley - Selmum
Circular Walk : No Transport Provided
Meeting Point : Close to Mista Gate or under the bridge.
Meeting Time : 2.15pm
Walk Starts : 2.30pm
Buses : 41, 42, 49 from Valletta, 221 from Bugibba, 222 from Sliema, 250 from Mater Dei Hospital

We park our cars close to Mistra Gate.
From Mistra Gate we walk away from the sea keeping close to the valley bottom where we soon pass a Neolithic ‘village’ on our left and three banks of old stone beehives hewn out of the limestone on our right. After some scrambling we come to the Mizieb road where we turn right and right again and start a long gentle climb. We pass an unusual square “girna” on the right and soon see some red Pleistocene deposits that were formed after the island emerged from beneath the sea. We take care to cross the busy Xemxija to Mellieha road, pass some catacombs on our left and continue towards Selmun Palace. Here we take a steep track down into Mistra valley and walk back to our cars.

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